Note: There will be a designated Beginner Juggling Area where we will try to keep a volunteer present at all times to help new jugglers learn the basics.

Beginning Level Workshops

Workshop TitleTeacherTime
Ball JugglingVolunteersF 4pm/S 1pm/Su 10am
Club JugglingVolunteersF 5pm/S 2pm/Su 11am
Club PassingPeter BoothS 4pm
Contact JugglingRyan MellorsF 6pm/S 12pm
SiteswapsBased on Sean Gandini's teaching section from the MediaCircus Siteswap DVDF 8pm
UnicyclingRob Brown & Schwindt blank S 11am/Su 11am
Cigar BoxMatt HallSu 11am
Bounce JugglingEd ProvencherS 6pm
Club backcrosses, flats, basics blank Aaron GreggF 7pm
PoiJim DormanS 1pm
GlowographyJim DormanS 3pm
Single Staff/NunchukaJim DormanSu 10am

Advanced Workshops

Workshop TitleTeacherTime
UnicyclingRob Brown & Schwindt blankSu 1pm
Off-road UnicyclingTomCANCELED
Four Balls Different WaysDavid SalleeS 5pm
Passing PatternsVanillatownF 8pm
Contact JugglingRyan MellorsS 5pm
Two DiabolosMatt HallS 6pm
Passing For Mixed Skill Levels blankPeter BootheS 11pm
Advanced Club TricksAaron GreggS 4pm
Freestyle UnicyclingRob BrownS 2pm

Other Workshops

Workshop TitleTeacherTime
Corvallis' 150th Birthday Siteswap blankEd Provencher blankS 10am

Last updated on March 30, 2007


At Wed Mar 21, 10:59:00 AM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the times/days of each workshops, specifically the contact juggling ones?

At Wed Mar 21, 06:35:00 PM 2007, Blogger Ed Provencher said...

The specific times have not been scheduled yet. We are in the process of coordinating this. Do you have a specific request for workshop times?


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