Convention DVD Update: Renegade Teaser

Crizzly had a great concept for the video, so I put it
together :-)

I hope to make some excellent progress on the DVD this
weekend and keep on track with the May 7th shipping

So, things are going well and I'll keep updating as
progress is made.

For those keeping score, here's what's done:

Promos (nice to start with something that was already
done . . . heh heh 11 min)
Teaser video - Public Show (5 min)
Teaser video - Renegade Show (3 min)
Featurette - Sean McK Competition (16 min)

What's left:
Featurette - Main Show (30 + min)
Featurette - Renegade Show (30 + min)
PNWJC - Intro / Thanks video (5 min)
Ryan's Video (?? min)

I tackled the harder ones first (music videos involve
a lot more editing, so they take far more work per
minute of "screen time") so I feel pretty good about
the ability to get the things done on time.

Enjoy the video!

David Sallee


At Wed Apr 25, 03:56:00 AM 2007, Blogger Jugglerx said...

Juggling is plain awesome, so keep up the good work!


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